Donation Lists and Rewards

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Donation Lists and Rewards

Post  Chris on Sat May 02, 2009 1:46 am

How to donate?
Choose one of the options below, Donations are made via PayPal, I disabled mail donations due to security reasons.

$ USD - Pending...
€ Euro - Pending...


You must donate a minimum of $5.00 to cover PayPal fees.

How do I claim my rewards ?
Send an email to
include this information

1. Date
2. Paypal email/name
3. Account name
4. What you donated for?
5. Amount of donation
6. Character name

And we will deliver the stuff you donated for soon.

Can i gift someone ?
Yes just send the form below to

1. Date
2. Paypal email/name
3. What you donated for?
4. Amount of donation
5. Character name to gift

After you have donated.

I have lost my donation rewards, what shall i do ?
Please send an email to with the following information

1. Receipt of the Donation
2. How did you lost the items ?
3. When did you lose the items ?
4. What items did you lose ?
5. Your character & account name.


Rewards for Donations:

120 Golden Maple Leafs $5.00
Get an advantage with GMLs.

100 Karma $5.00
Used for stuff in Karma Shop.

Scrolled item of your choice! $5.00
We will scroll this item for you up to 5k! no NX stuff.

Horntail Necklace $5.00
We will scroll it to 5000 all stats.

Wizet Hat $15.00
This hat is inteeded to be used by the game masters of RedDevil, but are released to players with 32k all stats!

Sex Change $5.00
People have used this to trick the easy minded.

GM Scrolls 100 = $5.00,
100% chance scrolls to enhance your desired item.

Character Insurance $10.00
If you lose anything, you will be backed up. (Wizet hats, Character Rebirth/Level/Stats/Skills, Anything).

GM Powers $60.00
You can buy yourself Game Master powers, meaning you have there commands but have to follow strict rules.

Upgrade one for your stats up to 32K AP $5.00. Upgrade two for $8.00
Become the legendary powerful mapler of RedDevil.

Character Name Change $5.00ea,
Change the name of the character. You can change it to a 1 or 2 or a 3 lettered name, or a Custom one.

Rules for Donator Gm's (DGM's)

1. You must never shutdown the server.
2. Never Give out ANY item.
3. Never Warp Someone without their permission.
4. Only ban if they did something against rules. Warn first.
5. Do not Spam !notice
6. Do not use pop up notice
7. Never warp everyone in one spot
8. If someone tells you that they donated, tell them to contact the Owner, or Chris.
9. Do not threaten people because you are a GM, you are no more powerful then them just because you have donated.
10. Please Obey All the rules
11. If you need commands, ask via msn
12. Do not spawn more then 100 monsters at a time without them being dead.
13. You cannot level or train your friends.
14. Do not spawn Horntail in the FM.
15. Do not spawn bosses in the FM.
16. Do not supply someone with Boss Monsters to get items from them.
17. Do not Spawn NX slimes without an event.
18. Events must be confronted by me before held.
19. Do not ask for [Donator] to come off your name unless you pay for a name change 5$
20. Do not use !dcall or you will be banned.
21. If you break any of these rules you will be banned and GM deleted off that account. No refunds.
22. If your Character gets messed up or you messed them up your reliable for it not us. You character will not be remade, unless you have insurance.

We will not be handing out refunds just because :
1. You quit the server
2. You decide you want a different item.
Or etc. if you do want a refund depending on the circumstances will be held up with the administrator.

Donations cannot be refunded. You will only donate if you have permissions of the lawful PayPal account owner or credit card ownership.

Donation funds will go toward bandwidth costs and hosting services.
You also agree that the items that you receive in game are a gift for spending the time it took to donate


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